If crafted in grace, I believe video or motion-picture literature can be great instrumentality in the imparting of virtuous knowledge onto little ones’ hearts – above keeping them safely preoccupied. Sadly, apart from being void of godly virtue, pagan created video literature have been noted to embrace practices that directly or otherwise contradict Holy Scriptures.

The foregoing is not an exhaustive list of evils often notable in the video literature of concern, but only samples of the major evils I have personally taken note of particularly from the few pagan made kids videos I have (not without reluctance) administered to our sons. These evil tendencies or habits are either sinful in themselves or defrauds God of his glory-harvest in the lives of our little ones. A glory-loss that can never be made up for even if they may grow up to convert and serve God with the highest piety.

Yes God deserves glory from the first to the last breath of men whenever we can help it. Furthermore, these habits have the ability to mold to the greatest degree possible the character that our growing children will ever adopt (to the piercing of the soul of parents) – until the same should be voluntarily uprooted (not without great effort). While this manifesto leans explicitly on secular kids video literature, evangelical Christians are to show no sympathy to children motion picture touted as Christian-based, that are yet found guilty of the same evils, vanities or heresies. For then it must mean that the creators therefore are either false professors, ignorant still or are sincere but yet too young and unworthy to thus minister.

  • Violence & strife – Probably because of men’s appetite for visual actions, pagan motion picture makers, in pursuit of extreme activity and excitement, often end up embracing violence amongst other carnality. And this, as inappropriate as it is, often finds its way to video literature intended for youthful audience.  
  • Revenge – This one evil proves to be in the heart of virtually all secular films and video work intended for elderly audience (this I took notice of during my own shameful days of being enslaved to the same. Yes I by grace follow nothing of the sort any longer. Sadly, it has been notable that video work intended for children will often center around (or condone in passing) the same evil as well. Revenge still belongs to the Lord irrespective of how much vile the offender may have been. But the world does not know this and must rely on a canal heart’s judgement and therefore easily approves of inflicting a measure of hurt or jeering at some misfortunes that may happen to a malefactor (an evil portrayed character). So as to suggest that it is acceptable to seek the hurt of a bad figure.
  • Lies – Another odious evil marked in secular plays intended for children is lies – though careful not explicitly glory upon, this abominable practice proves approved in secular children plays as long as it is exercises particularly in instances where they can best term it (as they do in real life) “white lie”. A lie judged necessary as they feel it is aimed at sparing one from unnecessary evil.
  • Careless use of bad language – While not as defiant as that common in films pr video work intended for elderly audience, secular video literature meant for children is very often found to feature the use of language that cannot be entirely approved of when looked at in light of Holy Scriptures. The greater part of which language goes uncensored – or at least not effectively.
  • Ghosts & Monsters – In their quest to create appealing story lines, secular animators often embrace dearly (to the greatest degree possible) the evil idea of monsters and ghosts which somewhat instills/fosters unnecessary fear and intimidation (entailing torture) in the hearts of little ones – above the vanity of glorying in such.
  • Glorying in magic, witchcraft and wizardry – Instead of growing up mindful of God’s divine powers as that to be ever coveted and highly held in honor, little ones exposed to secular children motion picture are likely lead to lean onto magic, witchcraft and wizardry as the ultimate supernatural powers they can count on as these be all the world knows, embraces and mimics without any earnest feeling of guilt.
  • Super Heroes (either themselves or of someone). The ‘super hero’ concept which is amongst the highly esteemed themes in secular children video work is a notion that sadly abides in idolatry (of self dependency or in that of a similitude). Yes a super hero figure is a very competent substitute of Deity in the heart of a little one. And because idolatry is one of the appetites found in a canal heart, it is only natural for the little ones to easily submit under. And thereby cultivating the worship self or that of a similitude. No not even fleshly fathers are to be counted heroes by their children.
  • Endorsement of non-sober and sensual dressing – While often not verbally, secular children plays displays great carelessness in dressing. Dressing that is normally showy or sensual and utterly void of godly sobriety. Which little ones will often conclude to be acceptable – making it needful for parents to manually be exercised in the uprooting of the same evil mindset and in its place force in a godly dress code.
  • Pride and haughtiness – A canal heart is, amongst others, prone to self-sufficiency and this evil is not exception in secular plays tailored for young audience. Yes the stench of pride is often discernible in the entire lifestyle of a secular kids film figure/character.
  • Boasting – While a man is to never glory in strength, riches or wisdom but in that he knows the Lord as per the Holy Scriptures – the same doctrine that our little ones needs to be brought up in the knowledge of (with the contrary teaching sharply censored as any other abominable tendency), secular plays often embrace/condone the evil of showing off of personal attainments.
  • Selfishness – Though it may take a candid spiritual eye to identify (as the world’s conscience must also be subject to knowledge of the right and wrong to some degree), you will still mark out selfishness being displayed in secular video work meant for kids and goes uncensored. 
  • Humanism as the ultimate end – As one may expect, even in their highest attempt to impart their most innocent lesson, their doctrine is in any case ever humanitarian in nature – and aims to promote human welfare as the ultimate end as opposed to the glory of God who sacrificed his Son for the redemption of fallen mankind amongst other great works of benevolence. While seeking human welfare is never evil on its own, it is to ever come second (and often as a by-product) while seeking the Glory of God coming first and foremost!
  • Heresy – The many Bible-based motion picture theme stories created by pagans will often be heretic in critical points. Both because they are anyhow often made with the cash register in mind and that it is simply not in them to rightly divide or interpret Holy scriptures.
  • Vain pursuits – The ‘ultimate’ pursuits in secular video literature are often plan vanities such as riches, power, fame or evil self gratification – and never. All of which is unfortunately abominable before the Holy God.

This is expected of them: Apart from the fact that this is all the world knows and cherish, secular or false Christian animators and film makers ever seeks to secure the highest number of audience for their produce (as this often means higher ROI). To achieve this, they then need to theme their video work on what should interest hearts the most. And because all the above evils are sadly part of what makes up the hearts of a canal/fallen men, it is only logical to expect them to conclude the same as what men should heartily relish.

The danger of these to our children: Allowing our beloved little ones to pass the time watching secular (or unworthy Christian-created) video literature not only deprive them of possible benefits they could draw from virtuous alternatives but also exposes them to these ungodly tendencies to the compromising of their godly up-bringing. It is enough torture to know that these evil habits and practices are passed on from birth (the canal nature) and that they are expected to ever seek a platforms to manifest themselves in the little ones’ persons (requiring believing parents to sharply and prayerfully censor in each case).

Recourse and alternatives: Unfortunately, anything that knowingly foster these ungodly practices should be shunned well away from to the greatest degree possible. The whole of which brought me to conclude it expedient to covet an establishment (if the Lord would permit) that would labour to bring forth video work that will be free of these evils (except in cases where it shall be deemed necessary to mimic so to be ideally censored later on the video). Video literature that should ever seek to declare that men (old or young) should ever live to the glory of God through Christ Jesus by who’s shed blood redemption was wrought for their sake. Yea that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.

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