Video note: A Christian friendly kids stop motion animation of a colorful tanker truck assembling.
Project notes: When these (a set of four) were bought for the boys over two week ago, I also so heartily wished to have them on a stop motion animation video – but this could not be easily possible as I had not gotten to designate a space for this work type ever since we left Gogo’s. Scene setup in rather haste and while three LED lights were used, it seems the reflective tiles did not do much justice as the scene evidently took a whitish appearance. Also, the animation appears to be unnecessarily fast-paced with multiple component moved at somewhat once. This also aggravated by the fact that the improvised camera stand fell on some two occasions 🙂 – the first and major of which mixed up a few parts on the scene that could not be reset. I wish to redo this very vehicle assembling should providence permits – hopefully with a better capture device (considering the Logitec C920 recommended for quality stop motion video – short of a DSLR), well thought out kids friendly background, increased frames/poses per second for a smoother and slower interpolation. Yes I feel part of the poor video quality is owing to the weaknesses of the capture device acquired last.