Video note: A short Christian thanksgiving animation for kids. The short film video animation seeks to revise the meetness of thanksgiving for all goodness received – whether through indirect means of providence or a bare miracle. And no the apple falling was not particularly meant to denote a special miracle but plain chance or coincidence (Yes it’s true that no chance/coincident is found outside the providence of God though).

Project notes: I am earnestly considering to only do ‘short film’ like (so called) animations. At least until I should have sufficient financial resorces to qualify the abundening of my secular business. Unlike with game creation or story writting, animation is sadly time intensive. This particular short film animation seeks to proclaim the meetness of giving thanks to God for every goodness received . I am convince the film/vidoe could have been more clearer in its conveyed message, but as with all other content created thus far, this also suffered from my rushing through.

Examples: Other typical goodness we may find ourselves beneficieries to are (to name a few):

  • Good health
  • A good night sleep
  • A peaceful day
  • A good meal
  • A good gift
  • A solid reset


It it in the afternonn and Billy is visiting his grandfather’s apple tree in the backyard for the third time. He is checking if the treen had not dropped any of its yummy apples. His grand pa isn’t home and his grandma count not find the apple pole-picker. No, there was still nothing. But suddendly, a juicy looking one dropped right behond him. After picking it up, he made for the house. Most grateful to God. Yes he was amongst others taugt at Sunday school that every piece of good food he ever receives markes the express goodness of God and therefore worthy of his thanksgiving.