Video notes: A fun educational clay stop motion video animation of the numbers 1 through 10

Project notes: Again the recently sourced imaging device declares to be not of a as crisp video quality as low cost DSLR cameras may be. But it is still way better than the previous device. The new device does great on direct video capturing but it seems there exist a science difference between the standard video capturing and end-user software collated-images video (something mobile stop motion seems to be about). Modelling clay (which I believe is the same as polymere clay) was used for the numbers model. Which while great in that it does not air dry, happens to be a little tricky to work with after an exteded kneading. Either than these and a few other kindred concerns, one is evidently making great progress with stop motion animation as well. Yes I am only a Christian aspiring animation and not the other way around 🙂

One thought on “Clay Molded numbers 1 through 10 – Stop motion animation

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