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Animation Summary: A helicopter that comes across colorful number models from 10 to 100 as it flies across the open sky

Video notes: Fun learning of counting in/by 10s to a 100 for Grade R or Preschool little ones. Also a great, offense-free video resource for little ones to pass the time with while parents and guardians gets other material work done.

Project notes: The animation is one of those that were loosely created and hence leave a few to be desired. The sky would have done much justice if it were animated a little to complement the suppose to be on motion helicopter model. The main proper often collides with the number models. The numbers models occasionally blocks the camera on their ending frames. The main reasons why I publish raw’ish work such as this is the pressure wrought by my desire to build a substantial portfolio to assist in commending theĀ  earnestness of the ministry to interested Christians. If by any means needed