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Animation Summary: 10 wooden toy trucks drive up to a spot one by one and lining-up as they do while being counted

P.S The awaited GPU eventually arrived and was setup accordingly. The then attached version of the video was edited and noted blemishes corrected. And afterwards rendered in a little better resolution. The wheels for the first 5 trucks however are now not rolling because I forgot to enable this one setting prior to initiating render. And also, the other 5 truck’s wheels proves to roll backwards. I also took notice of the unique transitioning of the number 6. All of which I expect to correct in due course. Either than those, this particular version of the video is a lot pleasant in my judgement. Dear God be merciful.

Largely rough kind of work but promising quite a lot. The trucks drives a bit faster than necessary (little worse for the pink one) and hence the clip should accordingly be revised and be re-uploaded. And as well the tree on the right is elevated from the ground and should in like manner be adjusted on the purposed revision.

A desktop and a decent rendering graphics card have just been acquired and thus I have hope of more frequent publications. This short clip took about 15 hours in total to render out its 1500 frames into single PNG files. Which were then contained into a common video format. But with the above mentioned graphics card, render time is expected to be cut down by about 66% (2/3). Which should indeed mean hope of more frequent publications. Dear God have mercy.